Food companies push bacon-flavored masks

2020-10-27 「 1071 words / 2 minute 」
Food companies push bacon-flavored masks.jpg
Bacon-scented face masks
In a year defined by a pandemic, no accessory has been more essential - or controversial - than the face mask.
But as this accessory becomes more of a mainstay, one brand has found a sizzling way to make safety a bit more ... appetizing?
Hormel has released the Black Label Breathable Bacon face masks, which, according to its description, features "the latest in pork-scented technology with two-ply multi-fiber cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose."
Unfortunately, though, these new masks can't be picked up at the local grocery store along with your favorite pork products - they're only available through a contest at through Oct 28, while supplies last.
Winners of the bacon-scented masks will be announced on Nov 4.