"Chocolate snow" falls in the Swiss town

2020-08-24 「 991 words / 2 minute 」
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'Chocolate snow' in village
Residents of the town of Olten, Switzerland, located between Zurich and Basel, found their town lightly dusted in a fine cocoa powder from a nearby Lindt and Spruengli factory last week.
The Lindt and Spruengli company confirmed to the AP the powder was a result of a cooling ventilation system malfunction, which spewed "cocoa nibs" all over the town due to strong winds in the area.
The nibs are crushed cocoa beans that are the basis for making chocolate.
Photos of cars and other objects that were given a chocolaty coating have been shared by local news sources and social media. People have been responding to the news with good humor, of course, because who doesn't love the idea of living in a land of chocolate?