Parents should never mention these things in front of the babysitter

2017-09-08 「 2592 words / 5 minute 」
Parents should never mention these things in front of the babysitter.jpg
Being a nanny — and having one — can be a great experience. Not only do nannies get to care for a sweet, adorable child, they also get to inspire and teach a developing mind. When you find a great nanny, sometimes they start to feel like family.
I've been a nanny on and off over the past five years, and I've gotten very close to the families I have worked for. However, it's important to remember that no matter how much we might feel like family, we actually aren't. That means there are lines you shouldn't cross, discussions you shouldn't have.
To ensure that you aren't pushing boundaries and making your nanny uncomfortable, here are three things you should never do in front of your nanny.
1. 谈论自己的财务状况。
1. Talk about your finances.
If you’re struggling financially, try not to bring it up casually in front of your nanny, or any other employee for that matter. It will make them think they should be charging less or they might lose their job. If you do need them to take a pay cut or let them go, that should be discussed in an established meeting.
On the other hand, if you happen to be rolling in it, make sure you aren’t saying too much on that matter either. Your nanny might think you're underpaying her, which won’t end well for anyone.
2. 和另一半争吵或说他们坏话。
2. Fight with your partner or talk badly of them.
This should go without saying, but sometimes nannies become so familiar that you might not realize they're even around. It's best, however, to make sure that your private matters are kept private.
Unless your nanny is also your best friend, try not to air your dirty laundry with them when they still have to work professionally with your other half. It might ruin any relationship or respect they've built up with your partner and it can be uncomfortable for your nanny.
3. 抱怨上一个保姆。
3. Complain about your last nanny.
It’s another to talk harshly about their style, looks, or interests. Talking down about these things will make your current nanny feel like that could be said about them as well.