In the future, computers can recognize sarcasm with only Emoji expressions?

2017-09-07 「 1291 words / 3 minute 」
In the future, computers can recognize sarcasm with only Emoji expressions?.jpg
Emoji icons have helped scientists train computers to understand sarcasm.
Researchers used 1.2 billion tweets containing at least one of the most popular 64 emojis to develop DeepMoji.
The algorithm learned first to predict which emoji was likely to be used and then to recognise sarcasm, allowing it to spot hate speech faster than humans.
It could also be used to assess how people really feel about different brands or to improve human interaction with smart programs such as chatbots.
Iyad Rahwan向麻省理工学院的技术评论杂志透露:“因为在网络上,我们不会使用自己的声音或肢体语言来将我们所说的内容语境化,而是用表情符号。”
"Because we can't use intonation in our voice or body language to contextualise what we are saying, emojis are the way we do it online," Prof Iyad Rahwan told MIT's Technology Review magazine.
Iyad Rahwan教授和研究生Bjarke Felbo创建了一个网站,邀请人们通过提交和注释自己的信息(中的情绪)来改进DeepMoji的训练。
Prof Iyad Rahwan and graduate student Bjarke Felbo have created a website inviting people to refine DeepMoji's education by submitting and annotating their own messages.
The pair also plan to release the algorithm's code so it can be used by other researchers.