A passenger plane in India turns into a restaurant to provide a unique experience

2017-03-02 「 1610 words / 3 minute 」
A passenger plane in India turns into a restaurant to provide a unique experience.jpg
If you are afraid of flying or can't afford a ticket, you can still enjoy a taste of the jet-set lifestyle inside a passenger plane transformed into a luxury restaurant.
A grounded Airbus A320, has recently been converted into a vegetarian restaurant, bakery and café.
The passenger jet, which previously belonged to Air India, took over a year to convert with the team re-designing the fuselage and keeping much of its original wiring.
Diners don't have to worry about leg room as there is space for 72 guests seated on lavish benches and sofas. Up to 40 diners can also be seated in the kitty hall, with all guests at the restaurant selecting meals from a vegetarian menu.
负责这项颇具野心的项目的Hands Hospitality公司的主管帕拉姆普里特·辛格·卢特拉表示,该餐厅豪华的内部装修是受印度“王公特快”列车的启发。
The luxurious interior was inspired by the Maharaja Express, director of Hands Hospitality, the company behind the ambitious project, Parampreet Singh Luthra said.
The aviation-themed eatery had a turbulent opening in December, with Indian news outlets alleging that it didn't have adequate fire safety clearances and there were reports that the wings of the plane jutted out into Ludhiana-Ferozepur national highway.
These are claims the company has always denied, stating that it has all the required 'clearances from government'.