Hillary is expected to be nominated by the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate on Tuesday

2016-06-08 「 1544 words / 3 minute 」
Hillary is expected to be nominated by the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate on Tuesday.jpg
In the U.S. presidential race, state primary contests conclude this week with America’s most populous state, California, as the biggest prize.
Tuesday’s primaries could definitively settle the only remaining question in the 2016 presidential primary season: whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is the Democratic presidential nominee.
Clinton defeated Sanders in Puerto Rico’s Democrat primary on Sunday, inching her slightly closer to the eventual nomination.
Polls show a tight race in California, a state that Clinton and Sanders desperately want to win. Even so, both are focusing most of their firepower on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
"Donald Trump's ideas are not just different, they are dangerously incoherent,” Clinton said in a foreign policy address last week. “He is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”
"What you do when you don’t have any real answers to the real problems, you scapegoat people,” Sanders, a Vermont senator, said at a campaign stop Friday. “We’re not going to let Trump divide us up.”