Two U.S. aerobatic flight crashes and one pilot died

2016-06-08 「 1204 words / 2 minute 」
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A pilot has died in one of two separate crashes of the U.S. military's elite fighter jet performance teams.
One of the Navy's Blue Angels pilots died Thursday when his F/A-18 fighter jet crashed during takeoff at an afternoon practice session, just days before a scheduled performance at an air show. The accident happened in Smyrna, Tennessee, near Nashville. Five other Blue Angel's jets landed safely after the crash.
Because of the deadly incident, officials say the Blue Angels will not participate in The Great Tennessee Air Show this weekend.
Earlier in the day, one of the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbird team planes crashed after flying over a graduation ceremony where U.S. President Barack Obama was speaking in Colorado.
Authorities say the pilot was unharmed after ejecting safely from the plane. Obama later met briefly with the pilot.
The Navy and the Air Force are conducting investigations into the crashes.