Workplace English Diary Issue 29: Breakfast with Anna

2015-07-13 「 1229 words / 2 minute 」
Workplace English Diary Issue 29: Breakfast with Anna.jpg
Anna and I were supppsed to meet for brunch at 11 this morning, but when I called her she wa still sleeping. I went for a walk but it started to rain so I went home.
When I got home I called Anna again, but she was still sleeping. It was after 1 pm before she finally got going and I was a little annoyed. What a waste of a morning! I was just hanging around my apartment waiting foe her to call.
I drove to Anna's palce to pick her up and she came out of her house with some guy. She asked me if I could drive him to his car. It was the guy that she met at club last weekend.
It was a very uncomfortable sitution for me, but I agreed to drop him off. What else could I do?
When we finally got to the restuarant, it was too late for the brunch buffet. Then, Anna asked me what I thought of her guy and I didn't know what to say, I have a bad feeling about him and I don't really know why. I get the feeling he's a creep.