Chinese-English bilingual Chinese prestigious school No. 27: Tianjin Medical University

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Tianjin Medical University
General Information
Tianjin Medical University,founded in 1951 with the name of Tianjin Medical Institute,was the first medical institution approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China and is a state key university. Dr. Hsien-I Chu,a renowned endocrinologist,was the first president of the university. Having been striving for more than 50 years,the University has developed into a medical university featuring all kinds of disciplines and specialties in clinical medicine,nursing science,medical techniques,pharmacy and medical laboratory science.
Tianjin Medical University is conveniently situated in the central area of Tianjinand the total area occupied by the university is 400000 square meters.
学校现有16个学院、4个学系、3个教学部,有博士后流动站3个,博士学位授权点44个,硕士学位授权点61个,构成了教学和实践相结合、培养学士—硕士—博士—博士后一体化专业人才的教育布局。学校拥有6个大学医院、3个附属医院、30余个教学医院。5 000余个教学床位供教学和实习医生实践使用。
TMU has 16 academic schools,4 academic departments and 3 teaching departments. It has 3 post Ph. D movable stations,44 doctoral specialties as well as 61 master's specialties,which have formed an integrated education and training system to produce qualified bachelor-master-doctor-post Ph. D medical professionals. The University has six university hospitals,three affiliated hospitals and over thirty teaching hospitals. Five thousand beds are available for the medical teaching,medical internship and medical practice.
学校拥有一批国内外知名的教授、学者,现有教职工8 419人,其中专任教师5946人,正高级专业技术人员485人,副高级专业技术人员877人,博士生导师118人,硕士生导师500名。中国工程院院士2人,“长江学者”特聘教授等进人国家级人才资助项目人员、国家人事部、卫生部有突出贡献的中青年专家13人,享受国务院政府特贴专家135人,天津市授衔专家28人。
The university has a great number of well-known professors and scholars world-wide. There is a total number of 8 419 staff members,in which there are 5946 professionals,including 485 full professors,877 associate professors,118 doctoral supervisors,500 master supervisors,2 academicians of Chinese.Academy of Engineering,13 professors invited on“Cheungkong Scholars Program" or state Your}c} Experts with Outstanding Contributions,135 recipients of special subsidies from the State Council and 28 experts authorized by the Municipal Government of Tianjin.
学校现有全日制本科以_仁在校生7 500多人。其中,研究生 1 600人,留学生780余人。
TMU has a total number of more than 7 500 fulltime students,including 1 600 postgraduates and 780 overseas students
学校图书馆也称为卫生部中心图书馆,藏书510余万册,各类期刊1 600余种。开放连接互联网的计算机网络,供医学教育、远程医学教育、文件传送与接收等使用。
The University Library has a collection of 5. 1 million volumes and 1 600 kinds of journals,which was designated as Central Library by the Ministry of Health.The computer network including Internet has been opened for medical education,Longdistance Medical Education,E-mail,Document Transit etc.
Tianjin Medical University has established a broad cooperative relationship with more than 50 universities and research institutions in foreign countries and has invited 108 world-renowned medical experts as honorary professors or resident professors in various disciplines. 36 international academic conferences have been successfully held
Glorious History
1951 Tianjin Medical Institute,the predecessor of Tianjin Medical University,was founded.
1958 Tianjin Medical Institute was renamed Tianjin Medical University.
1962 Tianjin Medical University and Tianjin Medical Institute of Tianjin Bureau ofHealth merged and restored its original name of Tianjin Medical Institute.
1994 Tianjin Medical Institute and Tianjin Second Medical Institute merged toform Tianjin Medical University.