Those fables that gave me wisdom and courage 13: Greedy Badger

2014-01-08 「 1169 words / 2 minute 」
Those fables that gave me wisdom and courage 13: Greedy Badger.jpg
One day, at a farmhouse, a hunting dog saw a fox catching a fat hen. The fox held the hen in its jaws and ran off into the jungle. The hunting dog chased the fox who could not run fast enough because of the hen held between his jaws.
When the fox passed by a badger outside his cave, the fox put down the dead hen and said,“Brother Badger, I have stolen this hen from a farm. Would you please hide it in your cave first, and we can enjoy our dinner later together?”
The badger happily carried the big fat hen into his cave while the fox quickly ran off.
The hunting dog reached the cave and stopped when he saw some blood stains at the entrance.
The badger shouted from inside the cave,“Dear Hunting Dog, the chicken was stolen by the fox. I am not the one responsible!”
The hunting dog replied,“The fox was a thief but you are a greedy badger!”The hunting dog immediately went inside the cave and killed the badger.